How much does invisible orthodontic correction cost?

The price of invisible correction is mainly determined by the degree of difficulty and difficulty of each person's tooth deformity. The pre-treatment of Orthodontics includes examination, X-ray film, design, tooth separation and attachment. Some patients may need correction and tooth extraction. The pre-treatment cost of orthodontics is generally about one third of the total cost. The price of invisible braces can't be generalized either. They should be customized according to the specific conditions of patients' own teeth.

How long does it take to use bonsmile invisible appliance to correct teeth?

The treatment time of the invisible appliance is basically the same as that of the fixed appliance. The time depends on the severity of the deformity. It usually takes 32 to 54 weeks, and some of them will be longer. After correction, it needs to be maintained for a while.

Can bonsmile correct all types of teeth?

The indications of bonsmile's invisible orthodontics are fully covered from simple cases to complex cases of tooth extraction.

How does bonsmile correct teeth?

After you communicate with a bonsmile certified doctor to confirm the correction, the doctor will take photos of your teeth, take X-rays and check them. The impression data will be used to make a 3D treatment plan, which will be used to design a customized invisible appliance for measuring teeth. This 3D treatment can also simulate the expected position after orthodontic treatment. The custom-made appliance for measuring your teeth will be delivered to the doctor after production. The doctor will teach you to wear it. Usually, you will be provided with 3 to 4 sets of appliances in a series each time. Replace approximately every 2 weeks until the teeth are corrected to the final desired position.

What are the advantages of bonsmile?

Like other orthodontic methods, bonsmile appliance is also an orthodontic tool. In addition, there are several advantages:
Beauty and comfort: the appliance is transparent and smooth, with good concealment. It is beautiful and comfortable to wear. There is no extra auxiliary treatment equipment except a complete set of braces, which greatly reduces the complications caused by the appliance to the mouth during the correction process.
Convenient and sanitary: the appliance can be removed and worn by itself, greatly reducing the correction time, correcting teeth and modifying face shape, quietly becoming beautiful. Compared with the traditional fixed orthodontic treatment, oral health is easy to maintain and does not affect daily life such as eating, brushing, social activities, etc.
Predictability: it can simulate and display the change process of patients' teeth and jaw in the whole process of orthodontic treatment on the computer before the beginning of orthodontic treatment, so as to realize the simulation and prediction of the process of orthodontic treatment and facilitate the communication between doctors and patients.

Am I too old to use bonsmile?

No, bonsmile has no age limit. The treatment is suitable for child and adults of all ages.

For adults, bonsmile's non bracket invisible orthodontic treatment can provide convenience and flexibility for your orthodontics.

There is no need to worry about the obvious and easy to be detected like other correction methods.

What age can Bonsmile be used?

In general, bonsmile treatment does not have a minimum age limit. But must grow first premolars and first molars.

Treatment can then be carried out (usually between the ages of 12 and 14). Consult a bonsmile certified doctor for details.

Do you feel pain when using Bonsmile?

There is generally no pain and anxiety caused by other orthodontic methods when bonsmile is used,

But some patients may experience a brief mild discomfort in the first few days of wearing the new appliance. It's a normal phenomenon.

This means that your teeth are moving to the right position. The discomfort usually disappears after a few days of wearing the new appliance.

Do you need to wear aligner all day?

In order to achieve the best treatment effect in time, you should wear the appliance for 20 to 22 hours every day during the treatment.

Are there any dietary restrictions during treatment?

There is no limit. During the treatment, you can eat what you like, because you need to remove bonsmile appliance when you eat or drink. So unless your doctor says another otherwise you don't need to eat a diet. However we recommend that you brush and floss your teeth after each meal, and then re wear the appliance to maintain good oral hygiene.

If I feel that the teeth have been corrected almost, can I stop the treatment?

In order to ensure the best treatment effect, please be sure to follow the treatment plan formulated by the doctor. Your doctor will consider various factors, including whether the tooth space is normal, whether to maintain the treatment, etc., to help you determine whether the treatment should be continued.


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